An award-winning animation short film Best Animation Training Centre
The Making

This story was finalized from 2 options, the other being a dowry-based theme. Chamki was chosen because of the superior impact it delivered in terms of social relevance and the opportunity it provided to the team in terms of production experience.

The paper-rocket in the film was initially a butterfly in the story sheet, but during the storyboarding stage, it was agreed upon that a paper-rocket would be more impactful and this one decision changed the film’s appeal as is evident in the last frame where a crushed paper-rocket on the table signifies the film’s core message.

The students considered it a challenge to have a character which speaks and thus the need to animate the lip-sync with voice-over. This is certainly a formidable task for any fresh animation resource. Nevertheless, the Chamki team, fully aware of the complexities, picked up the creative gauntlet and executed this esoteric task with finesse.

Initially planned as a one-minute film, it extended to 2 minutes. Despite many obstacles, the team pulled together and completed the film successfully in 6 months.


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