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Nupur Agarwal
Nupur sketched, coloured and animated the protagonist apart from designing the props (Paper rocket and furniture in the chai-shop) and the BG. She also animated the second part of the film. Being a girl, she identified more with the lead character and gave Chamki – the protagonist, an authentic feminine touch.

Nupur is a Computer Graduate. She loves fairy-tale characters, especially Cinderella. Drawing is an innate talent she has been nurturing since her childhood. Nupur worked on the film Chamki as a mandatory part of her DAE program at Dilsukhnagar Arena. She opted for the DAE program after a comprehensive counseling session that convinced her of the program’s holistic training advantages.

She intends to pursue a career as a ‘Rigging Artist’ and her ultimate dream is to create a fairytale film on the lines of Cinderella. Nupur met with an accident during the making of Chamki and marshaled all her strength and determination to help complete the film on time. She is delighted with her progress as an Animation resource and avers that the film Chamki gave her the opportunity to gain valuable production experience before stepping into the industry.

Govinda Ramesh Gujar
Govind character-sketched and brought to life the ‘playing girl’ and the air-hostess. He also conceptualized the aircraft design, enlivened its interiors and gave wing to it on screen, apart from animating the first part of the film.

Fresh from college and armed with a Bachelors Degree in Arts, Govind’s decision to build a career in Animation brought him to Dilsukhnagar Arena. He teamed up with colleagues Nupur and Raj to create Chamki as part of the intensive DAE (Diploma in Animation Engineering) program. A brilliant artist, Govind has been sketching, drawing, and painting since childhood. A portrait of Charlie Chaplin that he created at Dilsukhnagar Arena won him plenty of appreciation and a special prize.

Govind has a simple dream: to get a good job and grow up the creative ladder in a reputed Animation studio. To bag a good job, he understands that a sparkling portfolio of films with good production values will be his best bet. And he’s doing just that. He’s working on another film, this time, a 3D, MAYA-moused Animation film to add variety to his portfolio.

Raj Sekhar Nayani
Raj Sekhar Nayani is pursuing his DAE program at Dilsukhnagar Arena and was a part of Chamki’s production team. He animated the last segment of the film and designed the props (glasses, plates and kitchen accessories). He hopes to make a career in the Animation indusatry and is gung-ho about bagging a job at a leading Animation studio.

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